Behlen Strip Joiners are designed with operational and maintenance simplicity in mind, providing you with a rugged, efficient joining machine at a lower cost than other joining methods.

A wide range of models to handle coil widths from 12″ (305 mm) to 114″ (2895 mm) and thicknesses from .004″ (0.1 mm) to 0.250″ (6.35 mm) are available.

Today, Behlen Custom Fabrication is a proven quality leader in strip joining with over 875 presses installed in over 59 countries worldwide.

Part of our quality commitment requires that every strip joiner inspected and tested with similar material that the joiner will be seeing in your line before it is approved to leave Behlen Mfg. Co.

We are proud to be ISO9001 certified since 1999. The ISO9001 series of standards assures customers that they will receive a consistent, high level of quality on every order. It means quality is a way of life and must be built into every step of our operation. Achieving ISO 9001 Certification is a result of involved people working together to continually improve our systems and meet and exceed customer expectations.

Potential uses of the Behlen Strip Joiner:

• Coil coating lines (paint, etc.)
• Annealing lines
• Tension – leveler lines
• Slitting lines
• Scrub lines (cleaning lines)
• Pickling lines
• Galvanizing lines

“To stay on top, we must first continue to build quality joiners and provide top customer service. We must then anticipate your needs and evolve our joiners to meet them.”

Russ Bartling Sr. Product Engineer, Strip Joining Presses


Production of the strip joiner began in 1964 as a direct result of a request by the president of Pre-Finish Metals, Inc. of Elk Grove Village, Illinois. At that time, we were buying pre-coated steel coils from them for use in our building panels. He came to us with the need for a joining system in their coil coating line. We then designed and made the first joiner and shipped it to their plant for testing. The results were so satisfactory that production of the joiner continued on from that date.

The first machines were made with a “fold-over” tab type (SJ style) stitch which was suitable for mild steel and soft aluminum applications. The first 5 machines were 48″ models and were shipped to destinations in the USA. The sixth machine was also a 48″ model and was our first press placed outside the USA in Ontario, Canada. We produced a total of 43 joiners of the SJ style. The last of these was a 60″ model and shipped in August of 1971.

In early 1967, we started getting requests to join materials such as “full hard” temper aluminum, copper, brass and hard steels.

Since the folded tabs would break off, the “slip-lock” (WRSJ type) of stitching die was developed and is still being produced and sold today. The first WRSJ type machine was a 72″ model and shipped in August of 1967. In October of 1971, we produced our first double row stitcher in a 48″ model.

In July of 1993, we produced and shipped our first Arrow style joiner (APSJ type). This 78″ model, punch style machine provides a “slip-lock” splice that has twice the strength of the WRSJ style. It’s also a more durable punch design for use in joining materials in excess of .080″ in thickness or harder coils.

Leadership Team

James Ryba

General Manager

Russ Bartling

Sr. Product Engineer

Jason Ehlers


Tim Maslonka

Engineering Technician

Customer Service

Behlen technicians are available to provide after-market service. Our focus is to ensure that our customers are cared for long after the Behlen strip joiner has been installed and running.

Behlen customer service will:

In addition to after-market service, Behlen can provide on-site start up service and training at your request.